A SIM card is a small, removable card or chip that contains your mobile account information and is interchangeable between all GSM phones. The size used depends on the make and model of your phone. The 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit sent in your Welcome Packet makes sure the right SIM will fit your phone. It includes a Nano SIM card with Micro and Standard SIM adapters for use with unlocked, compatible GSM phones.

The SIM card holder is normally located underneath the battery and can be found by opening the battery compartment of the phone. Most mobile phones will have an icon or picture that depicts where the SIM card should be placed. Some mobile phones, however, will have a SIM card slot or tray located on the outside of the phone.

Check the model of your phone from the manufacturer’s website to know which size to use or call our Mobile Team at # 1 248.206.8811 and we can help you with your SIM card activation.